Specifically, the project’s VISION sums up the idea of:

“the University of Castilla-La Mancha as a European benchmark in energy and environmental science and technology in 2020”.

The VISION begins with an excellent position regarding the academic and research activity of the UCLM in the areas of knowledge of energy and environment, the future potential and the guidelines and criteria that are followed by the CEI 2011 call.

To achieve and fulfill the VISION, the project is set realistic strategic targets and proposes ambitious actions to achieve them.

Therefore, the project’s MISSION is to make the UCLM a campus of academic and scientific excellence, internationally recognized for its ability to integrate people and organizations on energy and the environment. It also assumes the great opportunity to approach the scientific and technological evolution of hydrogen as an energy source of the future, a field in which Spain can still be an international benchmark by launching initiatives such as the CNH2, working hand in hand from applied research and with researchers from other universities with leading companies and institutions in Spain. A great challenge for CYTEMA.