• Promote the participation of UCLM as member of the European Network of Living Labs.
  • Share spaces for dialogue with public institutions closest to the people.
  • Experiment with new community processes of social and collective expression in benefit of UCLM public policies through open innovation processes.
  • Guarantee certain levels of territorial sustainability in Castilla La Mancha and its university.


The Territorial Responsibility Programme, TERRI-RESP, is based on the strategic principle that the cities, towns and villages of Castilla La Mancha, together with UCLM and the regional government, are able to share responsibilities en certain aspects of energy and environment technology and science. The following actions have been developed:

Provincial Sustainable Development Observatory

An agreement signed with the Provincial Council of Albacete on 14 December 2012 for the development of a Sustainable Development Observatory of the townships of the province.

Plan for Innovation in Information and Technological Diffusion in the Field of Energy Business Excellence

This project is part of the INFO-ENE action. It is a joint project with the Albacete Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Efficient Energy Companies and the companies TECON and PREVENTOP for the development of a “Plan for Innovation in Information and Technological Diffusion in the Field of Energy Business Excellence” (www.planeficienciaenergetica.es). This project aims to inform about, publicise and promote a model of business excellence based on energy efficiency and technological innovation, which will continue to increase the competitiveness of the industrial framework of Castilla La Mancha, making economic growth compatible with sustainability.

As previously mentioned, the project includes the development of a virtual simulator where SMEs can monitor their situation and compare themselves with the other companies operating in the sector of consumption reduction and energy efficiency.