• Setting UCLM as a prestigious Postgraduate Energy and Environment center of studies through “Doctorate School”.
  • Enhance the interdisciplinary nature of researches beyond borders of UCLM itself through R&D Excellence Programs, encouraging mobility of the most talented researchers among different centers and international and national groups, and giving a higher impulse to the current UCLM program of catchment de talent or through its aggregation with the Regional Government.
  • Participate in knowledge networks of first level through Open Innovation Labs where entrepreneurs and scientists experiment and analyze trends in the fields of energy and environment, through aggregations with entities, institutions and companies that are integrated into the Campus of International Excellence.
  • Bring citizens closer to the reality of UCLM teaching and research, ties with business and scientific community through informative and participatory policies.
  • Increase degree of energy and environmental sustainability on UCLM campus and buildings to get a competitive level among European universities in 2020.