The vision of CYTEMA project summarizes the idea of the University of Castilla-La Mancha as a European benchmark in science and technology and environmental energy in 2020, with a clear mission: to turn UCLM into an excellence academic and scientific campus, recognized internationally for its ability to integrate people and organizations on energy and environment.
To achieve that, UCLM bets decisively, by enhancing selectively some of the many lines of research currently conducted by Institutes, Centers and energy and environmental groups, all of them led by University researchers. And it does so through the creation of various programs of innovation and talent, allowing the enhancement or the design and implementation of R & D programs with highly competitive international collaboration.
Excellent Software Research and Development (RDPE). Each of RDPE is led by one or more research groups UCLM.

RDPE proposed are:

  • Natural resources: sustainability and efficient management. RDPE1.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy innovation: towards a new social model of production. RDPE2.
  • Environment and Climate Change. RDPE3.
  • Green Information Technology: the environmental commitment of the information society. RDPE4.
  • Hydrogen Economy and engineering: the future alternative energy. RDPE5.

Detailed information on each of these RDPE can be obtained in this site, in the section INNOCAMPUS.