• Bring the evolution of experimental sciences, especially those related to energy and environment, closer to the wider community.
  • Bring the research reality of the university, the links with business and the international science community closer to the wider community.
  • Obtain verified information from people and organisations of the region in response to informative and communicative actions from the university in order to grow in excellence.


The INFO-ENE programme is a communication and diffusion programme which seeks to bring the scientific evolution of energy closer to people, fostering the feedback which any discipline requires in order to grow with excellence. Several initiatives have taken place in this programme. They comprise a series of specific measures which complement the communication policy activated by the UCLM office of communication through tools such as UCLMtv.

The Plan for Innovation in Information and Technological Diffusion in the Field of Energy Business Excellence

Participation with the Albacete Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Efficient Energy Companies and the companies  TECON and PREVENTOP in the “Plan for Innovation in Information and Technological Diffusion in the Field of Energy Business Excellence” ( This project aims to inform about, publicise and promote a model of business excellence based on energy efficiency and technological innovation, which will continue to increase the competitiveness of the industrial framework of Castilla La Mancha, making economic growth compatible with sustainability.

The project includes the development of a virtual simulator where SMEs can monitor their situation and compare themselves with the other companies operating in the sector of consumption reduction and energy efficiency.

The “Podcast Quilo de Ciencia” at

Chyle (quilo in Spanish) is the liquid formed by the digestive process of foodstuffs in the stomach, before entering the small intestine. These podcasts, conducted by Professor Jorge Laborda on the portal, attempt to make the “kilos” of science generated and published in specialised high impact scientific journals more “digestible” to listeners. They cover a variety of topics, but special emphasis is placed on energy and environment.

Diffusion on social networks: twitter @Cytema

With the dual objective of publicizing CIE activities and bringing the scientific evolution of energy and environment closer to society through social networks, the twitter account @cytema was created. This account announces news related to energy and environment, advances in science and CIE activities. Social networks encourage interaction and promote feedback from different agents, thereby helping to achieve the proposed objectives of this action.