The University of Castilla-La Mancha has received funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for the development of a series of actions of CYTEMA project grouped in two main areas: improving teaching and adaptation to the European Higher Education and scientific improvement and knowledge transfer. Specifically, the supported actions are as follows:

  • Program UCLM in the world
  • Energy and Environment Knowledge Week -E2kw-
  • Excellent programs for R & D -SIDS-
  • Linking to Vocational Training: UVT Network
  • Doctoral School
  • Talent attraction program: Energy and Environment Program-Talent-E2TP

“UCLM aims to occupy a deserved place among the best universities of Europe’s Energy and Environment in 2020.”
CEI 2011, CYTEMA, 12 de Julio

With CYTEMA project, regional University aims to be positioned at the top of the Spanish and European university system.