Energy and Environment Doctorate School (EEDS)

With intercontinental projection and strategic location within the campuses of the University.


Its main objective is the definition, design and implementation of various government and doctoral programs in the next five years, in the field of energy and environment.

The following is a list of the doctoral UCLM programs, which represent the lines of research that have framed the issue of CYTEMA:

Doctorates with Mention to Excellence:

  • PhD in Advanced Information Technology
  • PhD in Land, Infrastructure and Environment
  • PhD in Applied Basic Research and Cynegetic Resources
  • Interuniversity PhD in Physics and Mathematics
  • Interuniversity PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Interuniversity PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Other doctoral programs:

  • PhD in Lasers and Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry
  • PhD in Sustainable Chemistry
  • PhD in Strategy and Marketing Company
  • PhD in Fundamental Rights and Civil Liberties
  • PhD in International Economics and Labour Relations
  • PhD in Science and Agricultural Engineering
  • PhD in Electric Power Systems
  • PhD in Arts and Humanities Research