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  • Iñaki Arto, visits as a researcher the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences to give a lesson entitled “The energy footprint of human development”
  • On June 21th will be held the Natural Resources Workshop: “Sustainability and Efficient Management”, within the framework of the excellent programs of I+D in Energy and Environment. The Conference will take place at the technical School of Agronomos y Montes, Albacete. More information on WORKSHOP I programWORKSHOP I
  • International Conference on Energy and Environment GENERA 2016, on June 15th and 16th. More information HERE
  • Published the resolution of the III E2TP for the incorporation of young doctors to research groups of the UCLM ascribed to the Campus of excellence international CYTEMA. Recruiting talent programme “Energy and Environment Talent Program – E2TP‐”, corresponding the announcement posted by decision of 21 January 2016 of the University of Castilla‐La Mancha. More information HERE
  • Call for grant for the “INTERNSHIPS‐CYTEMA of practices in enterprises”  for Master and doctoral students enrolled in the University of Castilla‐La Mancha. More information HERE
  •  Workshop “How to write articles for magazines of high impact” organized by the CYTEMA in collaboration with the International Doctoral School UCLM and taught by Dr. Rodrigo Lozano of the University of Utrecht on 10 May 2016. More information HERE
  •  Conference “Sustainability in education Supuerior”, by Dr. Rodrigo Lozano. University of Utrecht. Held on May 9th  at the building Melchor de Macanaz. More information HERE
  • The Secretariat of State for research, development and innovation (SEIDI), through the National Institute of research and technology agricultural and Alimentaria (INIA), has organized a course of “Management and financing of projects of bio-economy” distributed in 4 sessions a day each, which will take place on the 18th, 24 May and 8 June 15, 2016. More information HERE
  • Open the deadline to participate in the photo contest “Mujer and Ciencia”, promoted by the Vice President for research and science policy and open to all campuses. More information HERE
  • CYTEMA organizes the Third Conference UVT Network of teaching experience in higher education. Following the success of the past two editions of the Meeting of Experiences Teachers in Higher Education in Energy and Environment, held in Albacete last year, this third edition aims to create a meeting point for the sharing of the experiences that university faculty, secondary and vocational training has been developing in his teaching on energy and the environment issues. More information HERE
  • Scholarships for the workshop Geopolitics and Renewable Energy. This seminar aims to train journalists in this area. 6 full scholarships (accommodation and meals) for Journalism Degree students wishing to improve their knowledge on the subject and participate in a journalism workshop and 10 half-scholarships for attendance and participation in international journalism. More information HERE
  • FES-CO2 launches the fifth call for Climate Projects. The call to select projects about “diffuse sectors” is released on 29 March 2016 by opening the period for submission of project proposals whose entry into operation should not be later than 2017. More information HERE
  • Pablo García Abia, scientist at the CIEMAT gave a lecture “From Higgs boson to gravitational waves “on the campus of Albacete. It was organized by the Science and Technology of Energy and Environment Campus CYTEMA. More information HERE      
  • Ernesto Martínez Ataz, manager of the Institute for Research in Combustion and Atmospheric Pollution (ICCA), interview published in the special “RED I+D+i”, the newspaper EL MUNDO. More information HERE
  • The Spanish Bioeconomy Strategy 2030 and the Action Plan 2016 has been published. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through its Department of Research, Development and Innovation has published the Bioeconomy Strategy and its corresponding Action Plan for this year 2016. To access the Strategy publication click HERE and to access the publication of the Action Plan click HERE
  • UCLM inaugurated a pilot plant to test internal combustion engines. The rector of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Miguel Angel Collado, has opened a research laboratory in Generation, Transmission and Energy Control on the Toledo campus. The new pilot plant of the School of Industrial Engineering will serve for testing internal combustion engines and as a testbed project ‘POWER’, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. More information HERE
  • List of successful applications in the III Convocatoria E2TP for the incorporation of young doctors to carry out research work in the research groups at the University of Castilla-La Mancha assigned to the Campus of International Excellence CYTEMA within the program of attracting talent “ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM TALENT -E2TP-” More information HERE
  • Call for proposals for the summer 2016 Scientific Campus  . The Ministry of education , culture and sport and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, FECYT , with the collaboration of Obra Social “la Caixa ” , open the seventh edition of the scientific Campus of summer . A summer camp for young people in secondary and high school where they have the opportunity to join a research project together with scientists in spanish universities. The deadline for the submission of applications begins on February 24 and ends March 16 , 2016. More information HERE