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  • Next April 26th will be the Conference on Climate Change in the Peruvian Amazon, which will teach a Forest Engineer, professor at the National University of the Amazon.

  • UCLM is ranked 127th in the world in terms of sustainability, according to GreenMetric. It improves 47 positions in the world and is located 11th in Spain. More information HERE
  • The University of Castilla – La Mancha, wins an international competition of ideas for technology companies by the INGENIUM Research Group. More information HERE
  • The technological Campus of the UCLM consolidate its seal of excellence, CYTEMA get the definitive qualification of Campus of International Excellence.

  • CYTEMA in collaboration with the University Paris-Est Créteil, organized and held the third edition of the Congress on energy and environment E2KW in Paris. The event, attended by more than 130 researchers from more than ten countries and more than twenty universities and research centers, developed during the last days 28 and 29 October. More information HERE


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icono CALLS

Call 2016 / 2017 “INTERNSHIPS‐CYTEMA of practices in enterprises” programme for internships for Master’s and doctoral students enrolled in the University of Castilla‐La Mancha. You can access the bases of the call by clicking on the link below

Bases de la convocatoria

2ª Resolución Programa Internships CYTEMA

3ª Resolución Programa Internships CYTEMA

6ª Resolución Programa Internships CYTEMA

7ª, 8ª y 9ª Resolución Programa Internship CYTEMA

10ª y 11ª Resolución Programa Internship CYTEMA

I call for aid for short stays at universities added to the CEI-CYTEMA.


Application CYTEMA-NET

Convocatoria Bio-Based Industries PPP. H2020-BBI-JTI-2016

Convocatoria CLEAN SKY 4. H2020-CS2-CFP04-2016-02

Consulta pública para Programa de Trabajo 2018-2020 del Reto 2 “Bioeconomía” de Horizonte 2020

Call of scholarship within the program “INTERNSHIPS‐CYTEMA of practices in companies” for the realization of practices for students of Master and PhD enrolled in the University of Castilla‐La Mancha.

Bases de la convocatoria 

1ª Resolución_Internships-Cytema

2ª Resolución_Internships-Cytema

3ª Resolución_Internships-Cytema

4ª Resolución_Internships-Cytema

5ª Resolución_Internships-Cytema

6ª_7ª y 8ª Resolución_Internships-Cytema

“III call E2TP for the incorporation of young doctors for the realization of research works in them groups of research of the UCLM attached to the Campus of excellence international CYTEMA within the programme of catchment of talent “Energy and environment talent program E2TP “

Bases de la convocatoria




¿Catástrofe climática antes del siglo XXX? (Spanish Audio)

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The strategic alliance to consolidate the ICE UCLM refers to the 8 institutions and companies in the CYTEMA:

University of Paris-Est Créteil

logo UAEUUnited Arab Emirates University

Marruecos2Abdelmalek Essâadi University

National Center for Experimentation in Hydrogen Technologies and Fuel Cells (CNH2)

Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems (ISFOC)


logo-parquecientificoclm@2xFoundation Science and Technology Park of Albacete


Energy and Environment Science and Technology Campus.

  • A fortnight research institutes.
  • Fifty research groups.
  • More than 400 researchers.

The International Campus of Excellence Program is part of the Strategy 2015 which sought modernization of Spanish universities.

International Campus of Excellence.


Biodiesel Production via Gasification